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Interview Chris Original

RK: Chris, it’s your second time in Straubing after winning the tournament at the end of March. How do you feel?

You know, I feel quite good be back in this town, full of memories of the tournament we played before. We won the tournament, it was a hard fight and it wasn’t easy. I came back here with a smile on my face.


RK: You have already played some games with the RSC Pillnach. Which of these games was the best for you?

Oh, that’s not easy. I guess when I got drilled in the chest in the mid-section and didn’t realize that I’m bleeding internally and decided to finish the game. I think that was the most interesting game I played with Pillnach.


RK: You have made a game with the opponent of the tournament final game in March, the Rakon Domazlice. How was it for you to meet the guys once again, have you recognized some of them?

I recognized a couple of them and I know that some of them also recognized me. The language barrier was difficult but if you see them smile and wink and give respect to you, so I gave respect back and I appreciate that.


RK: Well, let’s talk about the tournament in Füssen. What do you think about the tournament, the games, the teams and all the things around?

Playing with Pillnach in Füssen was fantastic, I enjoyed playing with the guys. All the games we played were fantastic – beside of the game against Hamburg of course, they played a little dirty. But you can get in everywhere, in any tournament you go to. The location in Füssen was perfect, the tournament was well run, a lot of game, enough time to drink, the “goaßmass” were amazing. I would definitely love to come back for the tournament and support Pillnach again.


RK: You have experienced the drinking tradition in Füssen – we don’t drink just beer there, we drink “goaßmass”. Do you have any idea, what it’s made of?

Actually I do, after spending a couple of days there and watching the “goaßmass” – it’s made of half a liter of dark beer, coca-cola and a cherry liqueur. It’s very delicious, very delicious to drink.


RK: So, what do you think, how many of the “goaßmass” we drank during these days?

Ah, I think the total count was about 77.

That’s almost correct, we had 78 this year.


RK: Unfortunately, you got hurt in the game against Hamburg.

Yeah, that’s hockey.

RK: How do you feel now, do you think that accident could change your intention for playing hockey in the future?

Unfortunately, I have to take a rest for that season. But once I get back, it’s gonna be a hard training in the summer and I’ll be ready for the winter again. And I’ll be by 100 percent for sure.


RK: Another question, this time a bit more personal: There’s a hearsay about your nickname “yoghurt”. How did it begin, how have you got it?

Well, first time I met the guys during the  tournament in March, we were out for shopping here in Straubing. You know, I enjoyed my yoghurt and the guys could realize that. That’s why they called me yoghurt.


RK: So, do you have any favourite Bavarian food?

Huh, Schnitzel is something Bavarian? Veit’s mother made the best Schnitzel I ate in my life. That Schnitzel is just to die for.


RK: The last weeks you spend a lot of time with the team of Pillnach and played some games with them. What do you think about the being-together with the team and all the things around?

I think it was fantastic to play with and even better to have a party with them. It’s a bunch of great guys; they all have that kind of heart I like.


RK: What do you think, when do we meet again next time?

Hopefully in April in Finland. We will see there again and hopefully meet each other on ice. I will come with my team from Canada and you’ll be there so we will face each other and hopefully have plenty of beers after the games.


RK: Sounds nice. So, the last question: Will you visit Straubing once again?

When will I?

No, if you do at all once again?

Oh absolutely, this is my second home now.


RK: Pete (Chris’ father), also one question to you: What do you think about all the crazy things Chris id doing with us?

I think, he enjoys himself, I’m pretty proud of him, he’s doing a great job and everybody seems to like the way he is.


RK: So, is he allowed to come and visit us once again?

Absolutely, I will even come with him next time because we have so much fun here.


RK: Thank you guys, see you later.


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